How to increase the time for watching a video on YouTube
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How to increase the time for watching a video on YouTube


YouTube today is one of the most promising platforms for those who create video content. Channel monetization can make very good money. But, in order to bring it to such a level, you will first need to spend a lot of time and effort to promote the channel.

At first, when there is not so much live audience and it is not very active, many channel owners resort to boosting views. This is an artificial cheat, which does not lead to a particularly lively audience, but has a positive effect on the overall statistical indicators. Buy youtube public watch hours you can on


Why cheat the time of views on YouTube

Taking into account the fact that all this is statistics and the subsequent monetization with the involvement of advertisers, on YouTube, if we talk about the administration of the project, there are also no fools who can be so easily fooled.

Otherwise, everyone would have had millions of views, despite the fact that the content is uninteresting, or even copied from somewhere else in violation of copyright, and so on. To prevent this from happening, the algorithms for generating statistics are quite strict, but at the same time fair.

In order for video views to be counted, you need to watch it, and not scroll for a couple of seconds.

It is clear that the views themselves are needed for statistics, video output to the TOP and promotions in the feed. In addition, if it is interesting, a potential live user, before starting the playback, will pay attention to the number of views.

YouTube automatic monetization also takes these indicators into account, private potential advertisers.

How to increase the time of views on YouTube


Unlike likes or followers, there are not so many ways to increase your watch time, because the specifics are slightly different. The most popular and effective methods are as follows:

  • Special wrapping services. The service is paid. You need to replenish your account, provide a link to the video, indicate the number of required views and the minimum time that the user must spend there. This is necessary for the view to be counted. The service must be chosen carefully so that it is reliable and everything is fair.
  • Services of cheat with tasks. Here, too, the same cheating algorithm, but the tasks are performed not by the service itself, but by real people. The system makes sure that the task is accurately completed. Only after that money is transferred to the performer.
  • Contest. You can announce a competition on the channel itself or on social networks, one of the conditions of which will be watching the video and leaving a comment. Or it can be a clue in the form of a word that is inside the video, but it is not known where exactly. It also works and attracts a live audience with real quality views.
  • Sites of freelancers. You can give such a task there. The condition is to watch the video with subsequent payment. Usually, the cost of viewing is small, but it turns out higher than on cheat services.

Well, the most working way is with interesting content. This is not even a promotion, but a natural increase in subscribers and views.

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